2016 Road Improvement Bond

On March 1, 2016, voters approved $9 million over a two-year period for the purpose of designing, constructing, repairing, preserving, rehabilitating, enhancing, and otherwise improving roads.

Every two years going forward, with voter approval, the City could take on new bond indebtedness to address more road needs, or other public service needs in the City, without an additional tax increase (i.e., increasing the municipal debt service property rate). For example, over a 10-year period via general obligation bonding, $45 million in funding could be generated for City needs. Delma M. Petrullo Art in Public Places Ordinance which requires that one percent (1%) of the proceeds of each general obligation bond issuance shall be dedicated for works of permanent public art that enhance the environment of the City. Any remaining bond funds will be used for additional road-related work as directed by the Governing Body.

As additional work/projects are performed with road bond funds, content on this page will be updated. (See Previous Road Bonds).

Bond funding has or will be used for the following:

Road Reconstruction 

  • High Resort Boulevard (from Broadmoor Boulevard to NM 528) 

Mill and Inlay:

City engineers rate the condition of all roads in the City with an assessment of what work, if any, is needed. Based on this information, public input (e.g., see below under miscellaneous), the City's adopted Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, Governing Body input, and the amount of available funds, a list of proposed projects to receive funding is developed.

Reconstruction is recommended for High Resort Boulevard. Reconstruction involves removing all existing asphalt to native raw dirt and building the section correctly based on roadway classification.

Mill and inlay is recommended for Sara Road. Mill and inlay is when approximately one to two inches of the existing asphalt is removed and replaced. This type of work adds, by approximately five to 10 years, longevity to the life of a road.

  • Sara Road (from Southern Boulevard to NM 528) 


Sara Road mill and inlay work was completed in December 2016.  The estimated cost for this work was $2.3 million.  The actual cost was $934,188.

High Resort reconstruction work was completed in June 2017.  The estimated cost for this work was $6.5 million.  The actual cost was $4,323,300.  

Remaining bond proceeds will be applied to the Southern Blvd reconstruction project.
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