Dirt Road Maintenance

Dirt road maintenance consists of dirt road grading, drainage erosion control, and soil stabilization. Below you can find information and plans on those areas. If you have any questions please call (505) 891-7224 or use the Report Rio Rancho application.

Dirt Road Grading:

  • Frequency:
    • Dirt roads are graded based upon the volume of traffic using the roads.
    • Roads with high volumes of traffic are graded every seven (7) to fourteen (14) days (as conditions permit).
    • Lower traffic roads are graded every two (2) to three (3) weeks (as conditions permit).
    • A revolving schedule was created featuring schedules A, B, C, and D.

Drainage Erosion Control:

  • Drainage erosion control is performed on dirt roads only.

Soil Stabilzation:

  • Information:
    • Soil stabilization is a process by which a product, which acts like glue, is applied to a dirt road.
      • The product being applied is all natural and biodegradable.
    • Once the product is applied it adheres the particles of dirt together and can be driven on immediately. This allows the road to be graded (to be drivable) less often.
      • The product completely settles into the dirt after approximately two days.
    • As funding allows, the City will apply Soil Stabilization to more dirt roads.
  • Benefits:
    • When Soil Stabilization is applied to dirt roads it eliminates dust on the road surface, eliminates roadway service calls, and allows for there to be less grading needed.
  • Plan and Schedule:
    • Please see our Soil Stabilization Plan PDF for more details.
      • The roads on this list were selected based on the volume of traffic and condition of the roadway surface.
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