Snow Removal

Snow Removal Equipment:

  • The City uses several types of equipment to remove snow and ice on paved roads:
    • 5 large salt/sand Spreaders.
    • 4 smaller Spreaders with attached plows.
    • 2 Graders which push snow off roads.
    • 8 plows that are attached to City vehicles.
    • 5 crews, consisting of 4 staff members per crew, are deployed in City vehicles to clear intersections manually.

New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT):

  • There are several roads that are plowed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT).  This means that the City of Rio Rancho does not maintain or perform snow and ice removal for these roads:
    • NM 528 also known as Pat D’Arco Highway.
    • NM 347 also known as Paseo del Volcan.
    • NM 448 also known as Corrales Road.
    • US 550 from the Northwest Loop to NM 528.


  • All major City roads are prioritized into one of two categories: Priority 1, consisting of 76 miles of roadway; and Priority 2 consisting of 57 miles of roadway.Roadways that carry the most traffic, such as arterial and collector roadways; roadways with large hills, and roads around schools receive first priority from the City of Rio Rancho.
  • The City of Rio Rancho does not perform snow and ice removal for residential streets.

Map of Priority Roads:

  • View the following map to see the priority areas.
Priority 1 ––––        Priority 2
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